Monday, March 14, 2011

Dressing Room Lighting and a Sarah Richardson Chandelier

While scouring the internet for lighting options for the dressing room, I stumbled upon what I think is the same light used by my bff Sarah Richardson in this office/den (which I looooove):


What do you think? Did I do it? I think I did!! It just looks like she mounted it really close to the ceiling and eliminated the pendant effect.

Picture 6

Uttermost Alita Transitional Pendant Light ($255 plus free shipping WOOT!)

I'm so excited! I loved this light from the moment she picked it out on the show but I could never track down a source for it. I get a weird satisfaction from finding stuff that I recognize from my favorite spaces (like Jenny's rug). Even more so when I have the perfect spot for it.

The search for a light fixture in there has been a delicate one. I've been trying to be sensitive to the fact that Mr. H+F has to get dressed in there too so perhaps a traditional, crystal-laden chandelier isn't the best option. Finding something that is both glamorous but not overly feminine is hard! Other lights that I was debating:

Checkolite 8-Light Crystal Chandelier Light via Home Depot

Nice but sort of annoyingly expensive at $399 for a Home Depot light.

Capiz Shell Floral Pendant via Target (yes, Target!)

Pretty, better price but not quite sure how much light it actually throws off. I love it though.

Possini Euro Design Opal Glass Pendant Chandelier via LampsPlus

Fun, but not quite right for a dressing room I feel. Would look great in a breakfast nook though!

Robert Abbey Anemone 13" Wide Ceiling or Wall Light via LampsPlus

I considered this one but a minute but ultimately decided the shadows it casts, while really interesting, wouldn't be great for a dressing room. I do, however, love it mounted on a wall as a sconce like this. I think it could look great in a hallway or flanking a sideboard in a glam dining space.

After going back through all my favorites, I think I'm settled on that Sarah Richardson light. I love that it's metal, adding a touch of fabulousness without using a single crystal which the Mr. will surely appreciate. Plus I really like the scale. It's a great statement piece. Yay for progress! Do you agree on my choice? Or do you want to toss another option into the ring for me to consider? You know with my schizo design sensibilities, I can easily be swayed :)