Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Godly Resources for Raising Sons--- Part 1

"Dear Mrs. Fuentes, I have several sons, would you mind sharing some resources to help me raise them for the Lord?"
---a dear reader inquires.

Unsurprisingly, when I did a survey and asked all my readers what you would like to read more on--the majority vote was for more posts on raising sons!

 Yes, raising boys is a HUGE task and  I have several favorite resources I would love to share. It is important to invest in godly resources that promote the biblical goals you have for your family, as it so easy to crash and burn or even be directionless running on auto pilot.  And just a quick note, if your boys are too young for these, don't think for one minute that these are not for YOU! This is the *perfect* time for mom and dad to learn how and why they should raise their sons and they will be much more equipped to do so after reading and listening to many of these resources below. I can't tell you how much it benefited me to have an understanding of boyhood and manhood before my boys got older.

Twenty-first century Christian boys have much to learn from boys of the past. Issues of courtesy to women, sacrifice, and vision are critical to raising modern boys. Our goal must be to move beyond the pretty platitudes and to aspire to rebuilding an entire culture of virtuous boyhood, such that every aspect of a young man’s life is preparation for chivalrous leadership in the name of Jesus Christ.

This one is a favorite, a classic and would love to pass these on to my children when they have their own family!

Don't be fooled by this title! This excellent book is broken up into chapter explaining how from the ages of 3-5 and up how to begin instilling character in your sons and using their gifts for God's glory. I learned so much from this book and it is still a favorite of mine.

Plants Grown Up-- from $25.98

This is what Polished Cornerstones is for daughters--also by Doorposts. Fully loaded with activities, Bible studies and encouragement to help your young son grow into a godly man.

How should young men treat young women “as sisters, with all purity?” Learn how to interact with girls; protect girls; handle flirtatious girls; and how to encourage your sisters in Christ. This message reveals the attitudes that three young men learned to cultivate as they listened to their father’s instruction, studied Scripture, and then interacted with the fair sex with gallantry and manliness.

Christian Manhood-$9 ( a steal, I bought mine for $20!)

This is a book that I have my sons working through for the past few years. It is broken up into 45 chapters of valuable Bible study with questions and answers. Everything from how to choose heroes, how to treat women, building relationships with siblings and much more goodness.

Thoughts for Young Men addresses the four great temptations that plague most young men: sloth, lust, love of pleasure, and peer pressure. J.C. Ryle, the last of the great Puritans, tackles each of these subjects with a tenderness and tact that is unsurpassed. First written toward the end of the nineteenth century, it remains to this day the most relevant and helpful book on the subject in print.

Have you ever wondered why so many Christian familes are losing their children to the world? Here is one reason: By failing to win, disciple, guide, and protect the eldest children, fathers and mothers often find a multiplicity of sorrows and divisions within the home.On the other hand, wise parents who seek the help of the Lord and carefully shepherd their eldest children often enjoy blessed reinforcement and encouragement in the training of the younger children. In this practical and scriptural look at the biblical principles of children and mentorship., Dr. S.M. Davis draws from the Apostle John’s letter to Gaius to illustrate how the actions of older siblings greatly influence the paths of younger children, for good or evil.

Still a favorite that I love listening to!

Listen to a sample here.

These are just a few for now,

I will do a Part 2, sometime very soon...


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Note: Not only are these resources very affordable but they are easily integrated into your homeschool curriculum as well. And don't forget about investing into grandsons lives too!

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