Monday, March 7, 2011


Blackbird is pleased to announce that we have just acquired a stunning assortment of items from Robert Geller's Spring and Summer 2011 collection, all of which are now in our store and online. This season we've picked out a number of sensible pieces, appealing to a broad set of aesthetic sensibilities and perfectly practical for daily wearing. Despite their utility, these pieces certainly aren't conventional by any stretch; each one is executed in that unmistakeable Robert Geller style, which might be—and often is—described as military-meets-rock-and-roll. Now, the thought of these two disparate domains of influence taken together may cause some a bit of temporal dissonance, though in reality, Geller has united them famously in the creation of these resonant and endlessly wearable garments. From casual to formal, our selections from this season's collection are extremely versatile, gorgeously designed and rounded out in a rich, varied palette of dusty, muted hues. With S/S 2011, Robert Geller has achieved the ideal balance of practicality and high design. Have a look, and enjoy:

ROBERT GELLER - Zipper Trench in Black

ROBERT GELLER - Student Cardigan in Black x Sand

ROBERT GELLER - Belted Motor Jean in Black

ROBERT GELLER - Leather Bummerbund in Black

ROBERT GELLER - Torn Collar Shirt in Black

ROBERT GELLER - Flight Pants in Olive

ROBERT GELLER - Belted Motor Jean in Grey

ROBERT GELLER - Zipper Blazer in Black

ROBERT GELLER - Bronze Faded Hoodie in Black

ROBERT GELLER - Academy Coat in Moss