Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 Outdoor Rugs Worthy of Inviting In

Outdoor rugs have come a long way.  So long, in fact, that there are now lots of designs that look (and feel!) just as at home indoors as they do out.  I am a HUGE fan of using outdoor rugs in my indoor decor.  With a 70 lb dog and a rambunctious soon-to-be toddler running/crawling/climbing/spilling around the house, I love the virtually indestructible qualities of an outdoor rug.

I have one in our breakfast nook seen here.  It routinely gets pureed sweet potato and blueberries mashed into it and also routinely gets hosed down on the deck and like magic, it's brand new!


We also have an outdoor rug in the office seen here.  I mean would you ever guess that's an outdoor rug?  It has withstood lots of tests (like being thrown up my dog, not me!) and still looks perfectly new.  Love you Dash & Albert!

Here are ten outdoor rugs that I am loving.  They are high on durability WITHOUT sacrificing style.  Seriously...what could be better than that?  I'm you have any outdoor rugs gracing your interiors?


1.  Negril Indoor/Outdoor Rug

2.  Aqua Floor Tile Indoor-Outdoor Rug

3.  Handmade Thom Filicia Tioga Ink Blue Rug

4. Thom Filicia Handmade Durston Indoor/ Outdoor Blood Orange Rug

5. Trans Ocean Spello Collection Arabesque Yellow Rug

6.  Himalaya Rug

7.  Loloi Sonata Black Outdoor Rug

8. Trans Ocean Ravella Collection Zebra Black Rug

9.   Martha Stewart Living Layered Faux Bois Rug

10.  Diamond Denim/White Indoor/Outdoor Rug