Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest Post: Arcadian Home

The lovely folks at Arcadian Home Decor contacted me about doing a guest post and I was happy to oblige.  Arcadian Home is one of my go-to sites for home accessories.  Check out their selection of wall mirrors!  Today, one of their writers Jenn is sharing some inspirational images for a terribly neglected room in my house (and probably most people's homes).  Enjoy!

Hello there! My name is Jenn and I am a writer for Arcadian Home Decor, which is an e-commerce website that specializes in top home decor ideas around the world. In addition to blogging about my own design attempts, recipes, and craft projects, I love perusing great home decor blog like Honey + Fitz because, like the stylish owner of this site, I love where I live. I'm excited to be writing a guest post today about another thing I adore: organized (and stylish) laundry rooms.

Once relegated to the depths of basements, laundry rooms have become functional and chic main-level spaces that include built-ins, organizational units, and fashionable home accessories. While they may be the place to wash and dry clothes, they can also include an ironing station, storage, a sink for other home chores, and even nooks for other household activities. Here are eight organized (and stylish) laundry rooms.

Compact and contemporary
Laundry Room Decor
Home-Designing via
Top-and-bottom machines are stacked in customized cupboards, while bold fuchsia damask wallpaper pretties up the walls. Different accoutrements, like pegs, racks, and cubbies, provide ample storage.

Orange crush
Laundry Room Decor
Why not choose a more daring colour for a mundane utilitarian space like a laundry room? A bold orange makes this space brighter and cheerier.

Long and spacious
Laundry Room Decor
Expansive countertops and a wall of open and closed closets allow this spacious laundry room to have an abundance of space for clothes that are both clean and dirty.

It's all in the details
Laundry Room Decor
The Granite Gurus via
The matte grey machines may be top-of-the-line models, but it's the little things in this space that really give it character - stylish table decor items like apothecary jars hold laundry soap and clothespins, and the stately marble tabletop on which to fold clothing is very smart.

A wood haven
Laundry Room Decor
Normandy Builders via
A laundry room should integrate with the rest of the home decor seamlessly - in this space, the wood accents of the kitchen and den are also used in the laundry room.

Beautiful built-in home decor
Laundry Room Decor
Frog Hill Designs via
Custom cabinets can turn a functional room into something classy - here, machines and various wardrobes with hanging clothes are hidden behind traditional wood doors.

The multi-tasker
Laundry Room Decor
Stylish Touch via
Many homeowners don't have extra rooms to spare, so the laundry room is a perfect place to also set up other activities, like this laundry room that doubles as a sewing space and informal sitting area.

Classic country with a twist
Laundry Room Decor
The Old White Cottage via
This creamy space has a distinctly traditional country feel, however the exposed cement wall also makes it decidedly modern.

Laundry rooms do not have to be boring and can be just as glamorous as your living room or dining room space. With the right home decor items such as wall decor, wall hangings and even an oval mirror, any laundry room can be chic and functional!