Monday, September 19, 2011

Have an apple day

Can you believe that the calendar autumn season is just four days away? You know what that means, right? The apple season! Who doesn't like apple crisp, inside-out-apple-pies, apple sandwiches, cinnamon apple baked toasts but I truly didn't know how beneficial those round fruits are till I read Kerri-Ann article the other day. Apple seem to be totally overlooked and pushed aside (at least in my home) by all the fancy fruits. So this year I promised myself to take advantage of their goodness to the fullest by baking pies, making jams and having them fresh and crispy with a slice of cheddar cheese :)

If you need a bit of convincing here are a few examples of their awesomeness:
* they have plenty of immune-boosting vitamin C
* they promote weight loss by having only a few calories (bingo!)
* they are full of antioxidants
* eating an apple before you work out may boost your exercise endurance

Don't they sound brilliant? As my friend pointed out this morning, they really don't cost much and remind her of childhood. Lovelies, I'd love to know, do you like apples or not so much? What's your favourite type? Do you have a favourite apple dish? xo

(via The Huffington Post, photos via 3191 Miles Apart)