Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Office Tour 1.0 (The Send-off)

Well now that it's been decided that the office is to become the new playroom, I thought it would be appropriate to do an official "tour" of this room before I get busy deconstructing it and putting it back together in it's new home (which currently looks like this).  I've shown bits and pieces of the office in the past but it struck me that I'd never actually shown you the entire room before. 

You guys schooled me on the proper location for our playroom-to-be primarily because of this room's proximity to our main living spaces (kitchen/family room) AND the presence of doors to close out the craziness (albeit French doors).

Here's the view into the office today.

Perhaps now you see my resistance to mess with this's just so nice!  I love it in here and blog from that desk almost every day.  This is the first room that I ever hired Nicole of On My Agenda to design.  I know what I like but I also know enough to know when I need help.  The room is an odd shape and I needed help with an effective floor plan and a perfect marriage of utilitarian AND pretty pieces.  I can't recommend her services highly enough.  Nicole’s guidance prevented big and potentially expensive mistakes and I LOVE the result.  Perhaps for that reason I have an irrational sentimental attachment to it. 

One of my FAVORITE Raleigh Flea Market finds ever - this swirly, pretty brass tray that I keep on the desk to corral odds and ends.  

Behind the desk I have 3 large inspiration boards where I tack up anything and everything that strikes my fancy.   They're just 2 large cork boards and 1 white board that I customized by painting out the standard office supply frame in the same paint I used on my bamboo chair. 

Magazine clippings, interesting images, paint chips that I want to use in the all goes up here.

A Lack bookshelf from IKEA mounted behind the desk acts as a low profile console of sorts.

To the left of the desk, three spine bookshelves hold books and lots (and lots!) of magazine collections that Mr. H+F and I just can't part with. 

And if you've ever wondered what every issue ever published of Martha Stewart Weddings looks like, wonder no longer.  No joke...every.single.issue.  Did you know I used to be a wedding planner?  Yup, and I still love all that prettiness.  It's amazing how inspired I am every time I open that magazine. 

On the other side of the desk is a really nice window that looks out over our backyard.  Great light in this room, I love it.  And there's my bamboo chair that I love so much (that started like this).

The other major wall in this room sits opposite the desk.  Here's where things get a little hairy. 

I love this Graham & Brown wallpaper BUT it's not exactly screaming playroom now is it?  I am NOT open to removing it.  I'm just's too pretty and this room could very well go back to being an office or even a guest bedroom at a later date.  So...must work around it.  It wouldn't be my first choice for a playroom obviously but at least it's somewhat gender neutral and just pretty and graphic right?  RIGHT?!

Thankfully, short of this wallpaper, every other element in the room can be moved into the new office space.  It will be a bit like a jigsaw puzzle to make it work but that's the fun part (I'll just keep telling myself that when that whole side of the house looks like a tornado hit it).

So what do you think now that you've seen the room?  Am I crazy to take it apart and try to work that wallpaper into a play room?  Or shall I embrace the challenge and my new found "good design must evolve with your needs" mantra?

Wall paint:  Benjamin Moore Shenandoah Taupe
Desk:  Melltorp Dining Table via IKEA
Desk chair:  Swivel leather chair via West Elm
Inspiration Boards:  24"x36" cork board via Office Depot and 24"x36" white board via Office Depot
Wallpaper:  Plush via Graham & Brown
Bamboo chair:  Thrifted
Garden stool side table:  Home Goods
Chandelier:  Chrome & Black Chandelier via Overstock
Desk lamp:  Bourgie via Kartell
Wall lamp:  Kryssbo wall lamp via IKEA
Spine Bookshelves:  Mine are from West Elm, since discontinued.  Get similar here.
Rug:  Diamond black/ivory indoor/outdoor rug via Dash & Albert
Curtains:  DIY'd with silk fabric I bought in Thailand and hauled, literally, around the world.
Bookcases:  Billy bookcases via IKEA