Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Travel Fantasy: Gardens of Marqueyssac, France

How whimsical! In one of the most unspoiled parts of Europe, deep in the former province of France in Périgord, there is a magical place called Gardens of Marqueyssac. They were planted in 1861 by Julien De Cerval whose dream was to create a romantic experience for the visitors of the gardens, where they could get lost within the paths and enjoy the organic shapes of the plants. Each part was carefully thought out and planned to perfection.
No fairytale garden would be complete without a dreamy chateâu - of course. During summer, each Thursday evening the gardens are candlelit and various musicians play concerts for visitors. They also have tons of fun stuff for kids including rock climbing, picnics and swings. If that wasn't enough, there is an area that meanders 130 meters above the river giving breathtaking views. Just by looking at those photos I’m dreaming about spending an afternoon sipping wine, listening to live music and taking in the mesmerizing views.

My darlings, have you been to France before? Wouldn’t you love to visit this place? xo

P.S: Paris after dark.
P.P.S: Provence style home.

(via Black Eiffel)