Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bobby Pin 101

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Did you know that the correct way to insert a bobby pin in your hair is with the wavy side down????  I had heard this a while back and immediately chose to forget it because:

a. I've been wearing bobby pins with the wavy side up my entire life and
b. I refused to accept that I'd been doing something so simple so incorrectly during that entire time

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting a few local blogger ladies for dinner.  Kate of The Small Things was one of them.  As an aside, you should know that Kate's hair is even more fabulous in person than on her blog...also she's really a delightful, sweet and smart person.  This combination should not be allowed...just sayin'.

I used this opportunity to ask an expert about this ugly bobby pin rumor I had heard and, much to my dismay - IT'S TRUE!!!

We all know the flat side of the bobby pin is longer than the wavy side.  Apparently the wavy texture is designed to grip your hair in place and the flat side is meant to push it down and hold it in the grooves.

Am I the only one that has been wearing bobby pins the wrong way her entire life?  I mean really you could have said something!