Monday, October 10, 2011

Day Dreams

Hello Everyone!
Do you ever browse the internet, blogs, books or magazines and
dream of homes you would want to live in? I'm raising my hand!
With our upcoming move next spring I can't seem to stop looking.
Join me for a tour of beautiful homes. I'll take any one of them.  
 The red door grabbed my attention. I want one in our next home. Love it!
 The garage doors are perfect. I like the arches and hardware.
 The mixture of stucco and stone looks great. The grass is so green!
This front porch is dreamy. I'll take some sweet tea please.
The soft gray is a really nice exterior color. I like the peaks at the top too.
How about this amazing exterior lighting. The home glows with warmth.
Wow! This one is gorgeous. I'm really dreaming now....:)
The arch above the front door looks fantastic. It gives it character.
Which one is your favorite?
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I'll be having some minor blog changes done this week. Pardon the dust.
Have a wonderful week!