Friday, October 7, 2011

For the Furry Ones in Our Lives

Today is for the dogs!  In honor of the original (fur) baby in our house, today I'm sharing some of my favorite doggie stuff.  Daisy is a 70 lb, VERY active German Shorthaired Pointer so you won't find any foofy dog carriers or sparkly collars on this list.  But there is some cute/rugged/stylish finds that I hope you'll enjoy.

1.  Sian Keegan Custom Pet Portraits:  Custom stuffed creations made in the likeness of your furbaby. 
2.  Sailor's Knox Natural Collar:  Cute in a very non-Beverly Hills Chihuahua kinda way
3.  Capri Dog Bed:  I love pretty much everything from Blueblood but their chic dog beds have to be at the top of the list.  If you have to have a dog bed in the middle of your family room, it might as well be good looking right?
4.  The Beacon Safety Light:  Shorter Fall & Winter days means more walks in the dark.  Stay safe by attaching this lightweight flashing light to your pooch's collar.  
5.  Lucha Wrestler Squeak Toy:  Why?  Because it's hilarious, that's why.
6.  Phuket Dog Bowl:  An elevated dog dish you won't cringe at the sight of. 
7.  Get Wet Duck Toy:  Neoprene body with tennis ball belly.  You can never have enough tennis balls.
8.  Doca Pet Dog Face:  A peanut butter scented natural rubber chew toy that really is almost indestructible.  

Do you have some favorite items for your dog that deserve to be on this list?