Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Knox!!!

I CANNOT believe it.  My sweet little man turns one year old today!!!  The fastest year of my life, I swear!  I'm in awe of all the changes we've seen in him in such a short time.  From a delicate, tiny baby to a rambunctious, curious 1 year old, every milestone has been sweeter than the last.  

I tried to take a photo of him every month on the 12th on the same sheepskin rug in his nursery.  For the most part, I succeeded, missing only month 5 when we were in Boston visiting my family.  I'm glad I kept up with this little project - it's so fun to see all the photos side by side!

I will save you all the "you've changed my life forever/make me want to be a better person" stuff and simply say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KNOX!  You're looking more and more like daddy every day. 

We've got lots of family coming into town for his birthday party this weekend so posting might be a bit sparse as I get ready but I have lots of fun stuff coming up next week!