Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Motherhood Mondays: How long would it take for you to feel ready to travel without your baby?

Alex and I have loved taking family vacations with Toby in tow, but lately, we've been thinking...

Wouldn't it be nice to take a trip with just the two of us? Without bananas. Without diapers. Without 6am wake-up calls! And, hey, we could read magazines on the plane. But, I can't help wondering, would we miss Toby too much? A mama's heart (and head) is a mysterious thing. Would I be able relax with my baby 1,000 miles away?

We talked it over: Alex wanted to go away for seven fabulous nights. I thought we could start with...one night. So, we settled on two nights. :) We're taking a little getaway this weekend to celebrate Alex's birthday (the destination is a surprise!), and Toby will stay home with my mom. Fingers crossed it will go smoothly, and I'll be able to turn off my parental neuroses chill out!

I'm curious: Have you been wanderlust-y recently? Where would you want to go? And fellow parents, how long did you wait to travel on your own, without your baby? Where did you go? Was it hard or awesome? Did you travel for business or pleasure first? When you were growing up, did your parents travel on their own? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!!!

Just for fun, which of these three waterfront places would you like to visit...
This hotel in Miami, where you can order a grilled fish sandwich by the pool, read magazines, and then go dancing at night.
This (budget!) hotel in Jamaica, where you'd sleep in a thatched roof villa and go snorkeling among green turtles.
This whale-watching spot in Vancouver, where you can hike along the cove, get a massage and sip single-malt scotch as the sun sets.

Which is more your style?

P.S. 10 tips for traveling with a baby.