Thursday, October 6, 2011

New glasses

Do you wear glasses? I love the big nerdy glasses look, but I lost my beloved pair a few months ago. I wanted to buy a new inexpensive pair online, but, to be honest, I dragged my feet because I worried that if I couldn't try them on, they wouldn't look good on me. But then a reader, MacKenna, sent this photo of her wearing Lookmatic glasses. How adorable is she?!

Inspired, I chose a cute pair, tried them on virtually, and voila. My awesome new glasses were $88, prescription included. I'm psyched by how well (and quickly) it worked out. I'd highly recommend it!
(Top photo by MacKenna; photos by our photographer/babysitter Sophie:) Glasses are the Woody, my shirt is Madewell and gray jeans are EmersonMade.)