Monday, October 10, 2011

Three Ways To Va Va Voom

I'm terrible when it comes to makeup. Mostly, I keep it very simple with just a touch of lipstick or mascara. So today I'd like to share three ways to look super sexy, fresh and naturally beautiful at the same time.

The red lips (above) - I know that many girls are totally intimidated by pure hot red lipsticks but according to Mary Greenwell as long as you go matte and find the shade that you feel most comfortable with, you will ooze the 40s goddess vibe from within. Tip: make sure to keep the rest of the face very natural and fresh and if your lips are super dry, apply a bit of honey on them half an hour before the lipstick for instant dryness fix.

Rosy cheeks - Do you remember that rule that your cheeks and lips colour should match? I never follow it! I only use warm colour blush (one shade darker than my skin) and finish off the look with a simple serving of chapstick for smooth kissable lips. Let your cheeks do the talking:)

Smoky eyes - This is the quintessential Parisian trick to make your eyes mysterious for those romantic dates. It's a good trick to put a bit of chapstick on your eyelids before applying eye shadow as it makes the eye shadow look fresher for longer. Also, once someone told me to keep it messy and to curl your eyelashes for that extra dose of va va voom! I usually use a mix of black and grey eye shadow for my smoky eye look.

Lovelies, how do you feel about makeup? Do you use it on a daily basis or not so much? Any great tips you would like to share with us? xo

P.S: Cat eyes!

(Photos by Garance Doré)