Friday, December 30, 2011

My Christmas Life

My Darlings, to finish off the Christmas Life Series, I thought today I would share a few of my festive favourites, what do you say?

Each year Balazs and I look forward to the Holidays as little kiddos wait for Santa. I enjoy the whole festive feel of the Christmas preparations and Balazs soaks in the family time. As we are such a multi-cultural family we try to incorporate all the traditions that are important for us. We have the proper Christmas turkey feast but we also make space for some Polish barszcz with uszkas (Balazs' brothers' favourite), the Hungarian style fish made by his mom and the British Christmas pudding sent all the way from England by my mom.

I always wonder how much fun it will be to introduce this whole setup to a little kiddo one day :)  

My one wish is that one year we could gather the whole family in one place for the Holidays. It’s a big job, let me tell you, but as hectic as it would be, I bet we would all have a fantastic time together (in three, four or even five languages).

And here are a few of the things that rock my Christmas socks off:

1. My Christmas cheat is home delivered turkey. Balazs and I simply can’t manage to cook everything up in a day so we cheat with a delicious ordered bird instead:)

2. My Christmas tipple is Baileys on ice, with vanilla ice-cream or in a coffee. (I feel like I’m cheating on my favourite wine but oh-darn; it’s Christmas after all, right?)

3. My guilty Christmas pleasure are Maltesers, plain cheesecake from the shop down the street and honey with everything:)

4. My festive time-saver is a cheese plate instead of appetisers. You don’t have to cook it and everyone is always up for a bit of nibble on a good Brie with pesto or sun dried-tomatoes, especially if it’s served with a mulled hot wine on the side. (giggle)

5. On my wish list is this charming pea pod necklace that is totally understated and somehow so endearing. Also the brilliant Kinfolk Magazine that I’m such a huge fan of.

6. My Christmas style tip is very simple! Always wear your favourite lipstick on a bare or almost bare face and a sassy pair of underwear. Lipstick (especially red) photographs beautifully. It’s a great trick to avoid cringing Holiday photographs. Also, I hope it’s not just me but wearing fancy underwear makes me feel foxy even if I have chocolate smutches all over my dress.

7. My Christmas reading is the "Parisian Chic" - A Style Guide by Inès de la Fressange (who I adore) and the very British (and my all time favourite) magazine - Red!

8. Left out for Father Christmas a jar of homemade boozy olives too keep him warm on the way back to the North Pole :) It’s the first time I made them so fingers crossed he liked them – giggle.

9. My Christmas isn’t complete without good music from our record player. My two favourites: Miles Davis “Round About Midnight” and Norah Jones.

10. My Christmas scent this year is Jo Malone, Black Vetyver Café cologne. The scent of bitter coffee feels oh-so festive, somehow warm and incredibly cozy.

Big thanks to Amanda, Melanie, Carine and Da for sharing thier beautiful Christmas stories with us this week and to Rebecca for all those cool photo layouts. You ladies rock!!! xo

P.S: Lovelies, how was your Christmas? See you Tuesday morning!