Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tina day!

Happy Saturday!
Wonderful, wonderful weekend! In the morning it felt so damn good to sleep longer. I needed that rest very very much. I truly feel like reborn.

After days and weeks, I've finally managed to meet my dearest friend Tina today! We have met in the high school, and we became friends in second half of the second year I think. I sometimes say that she's my soulmate since she's the only one who truly understands and sees "through" me when it comes to, actually, everything. Love you Tina.

So, FINALLY we spent a day together again, and it was so great! Firstly we went for a nice lunch at one typical austrian restaurant called "Zum Bettelstudent" (english for "Beggar student") which is located very near to our old high school. We always used to go there before we had our Russian courses in the afternoons, or before piano classes. Ah, I miss those times so so much...

There is a nice japanese tea house here in Vienna, called Cha No Ma, which is also one of our favorite places to go. It's very small, but their Matcha Smoothies are something very, very special! I remember back then, when introduced it to Tina, she didn't like it at all, but afterwards became more addicted to it than I was! And even if I go there by myself, there is somehow that "Tina-flair" missing. :(

Afterwards we decided to visit the main Christmas Market since Tina hasn't visited any yet this year. It was overcrowded, but that was to expect because it's Saturday after all. I always enjoy walking through the centre of Vienna, and although I know almost every little street there, it's like I'm here for the first time. It makes me feel content and very happy, and I think I would never be able to leave this wonderful city forever.

As we got out of the crowd, we actually noticed how many people were there! I think I never saw it THIS full!

Have a nice evening!

Love, Aleksandra.