Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another way of writing.

Firstly, I need to say that I really obsess over notebooks. Especially those vintage ones. I have so many already which are still unpacked and waiting to be filled with great moments and memories.

For years already I have been faithful to Moleskine and Paperblanks mostly, because I really love high quality paper and beautiful and/or simple designs, and also because one can last a very, very long time with me. My handwriting isn't that large, and it's pretty cursive, so I can stuff a lot onto one page.

Anyway, I few days ago, I have been looking for some new Moleskine notebooks for my big cousin in Bosnia, because I saw that he loved mine, but didn't want to say anything. So I decided to buy him some and surprise him by sending it via mail. I really cannot await his reaction! ... well, but the thing is, I didn't buy any Moleskine, because I discovered a new (old) brand of notebooks, which are VERY similar to them, and are produced by a german company named Leuchtturm 1917

To be honest, I saw them a few times at my favorite book stores, but was very sceptic about them since I thought it's only a "Moleskine rip-off", but if you reasearch on it, you'll find out that Leuchtturm was founden in 1917, and Moleskine in 1997! So, yeah, obviously not a rip-off.

You should really visit their page, and maybe look for a reseller, because you won't regret it, for sure! Oh, and here's the little package I've sent to my cousin. I really enjoyed wrapping it up, because I didn't use any tape at all... God, I so cannot wait for him to get it! :D

See you soon!
Love, Aleksandra.