Monday, January 23, 2012

Crown Molding as High Heel Storage

Shoe storage is one of those things that most women I know struggle with.  You love them.  They're pretty.  They make you happy.  Yet all too often they end up stuffed into shoe bins or piled up in the closet. 

If getting your heel collection under control is on your list of things to tackle this year, consider the simple and inexpensive option of hanging them on pieces of crown molding.  Let the molding blend in by painting it the same color as your wall OR really embrace the "shoes as art" mantra and paint it a fun, contrasting color. 

Bonus:  Each row of molding/shoes only takes up about 12" so depending on your wall space you have room for lots and lots of heels (read: some shoe shopping might be in order. I's terrible.)  

Short on wall space?  You could even mount a few strips on the back of a door.  So much nicer than those over the door shoe racks don't you think?