Friday, January 27, 2012

Home Inspiration: Mood Board

Lovelies, do you have a mood board in your home? Lately I've been thinking about creating an area in my flat (probably my office) where I hang, clip, pin all the little everyday inspirations I find in magazines, little notes I make on ideas (quotes from books) and those little knick-knacks that I simply can't get rid off. (I have an unhealthy habit of ripping off magazine pages when I like something and just storing them all over the office). Simply, it would be nice to have all this in one spot. So, I'm totally digging the boards above, especially the one that you make with basic tape. I probably could find one with stripes or polka dots :) Oh boy! xo

P.S: And a wine cork bulletin board that you can make yourself.
P.P.S: Grand memories and do you remember the kitchen food wall?

(Photos via fjellby via Trendenser, Poppytalk & Hus and Hem via French by Design)