Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Good evening everyone!

I hope you all had great holidays fulfilled with a lot of joy and love. Mine have been really nice, since I spent two weeks as you know with my beloved ones who I don't get to see very often. I feel truly blessed. But first things come first.

Since my dad has no sisters nor brothers, all the big family that I have comes from my mother's side. She has 3 sisters and two brothers, although she had two more brothers but unfortunately they have passed away a long time ago. It might sound weird to have so many siblings, but back then when my grandmother was young, it was very common to have big families. They all were living in very poor conditions but there was always a lot of love and strength, which made the days easier.

The little house my grandfather has built is still standing strong although it's now more than 60 years old. My grandmother is still living there and refuses to move to the new one that my uncle has built at the top of the hill about a year ago.

I have spent here every single summer of my childhood. I know every little corner of it. All little places to hide. And I think it will hurt me the same like my grandma when one day, this little cottage goes down.

In 1972 my oldest aunt got married and moved "down" from the country side to the little village called Teslić. They have built a big house there where I used to spend my winter days, like this one.

It's really funny how fast time can go by when everything's simply perfect... I really had such a hard time when I had to leave... But more about that soon... 

Good night!

Love, Aleksandra.