Thursday, January 19, 2012

Step by step.

Good morning dear friends... I hope all of you will have a wonderful Thursday...

Recently I didn't feel that great, in almost every single way possible, and I also think that I didn't take such good care of this blog recently. There are so many things happening right now, especially when it comes to college, but I really hope that it will end good. 

Anyway, you've all probably heard about SOPA? Right? Although I'm living in Europe, I think it affects us all. And we should fight against it with all our powers. We need to keep our freedom on the internet! I think it's unnecessary to talk a lot about it, because we all know what it is all about and what we should do. I just wanted to mention that I'm fighting too!

And my beloved city... It's completely grey and rainy today, and I love it. I think it couldn't be any better...

Love you all!

Love, Aleksandra.