Saturday, February 25, 2012

I was trying to relax but then this light showed up

Last weekend, Mr. H+F gave me the best birthday surprise -  he booked me a whole day at my favorite spa.  Aaaaah, relaxation!  Facial, massage, the works! 

The entire spa underwent a major renovation after it was destroyed by a fire last year and the ladies locker room looked completely different than I'd remembered it.  I really wanted to take pictures of the whole space because it was super fabulous (tufted velvet benches, mirrored consoles, etc) but I reminded myself that it might not be kosher to whip out your iPhone and start snapping pics in a women's locker room.  

"No, no...I'm not a pervert I swear!  I'm just taking a picture of these curtains for my blog!" 

But then I saw one very fabulous pendant light fixture and I HAD to take a picture of it so I could look for it later.  (aside:  you know you have issues when you're at the spa to relax and all you can think about is getting home to Google the hell out of "scalloped pendant shade"!) 

All my Google searches came up empty and I certainly don't need a new pendant at the moment so I decided to just file it away in the little (or maybe big) part of my brain where I keep "things to look for later". 

Well looky look what I just came across in this really fantastic home tour over on Apartment Therapy!  Looks mighty familiar doesn't it? It's like the Design Gods just smiled down on me :)

A quick check of the sources revealed that it's from the home of pretty much all fabulous lighting - Circa Lighting (remember these? yup, also Circa.)  Another design mystery solved!  I'm happy because now I know where it's from but sad because it's $1,050.  It IS really large though (25" wide.)


It also comes in a smaller size (15.75" wide) for $630.

And there are matching wall sconces which the spa had mounted right over the vanity mirror (love that look!)

Filing this away for some day in the future.  Hopefully in this imaginary future I'll find something like this on Overstock for a whole lot less! $1,050 is A LOT of massages afterall :)