Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let's bring back the old days!

Good evening friend!

It's been quite a few days since I've shared anything with you, and you have probably noticed my absence, but that of course has its reasons. Firstly, I went through a little non-motivated phase, where I simply didn't feel inspirated and creative and all, and I simply didn't want to write "something" just for the purpose of it, because I really put effort in my entries and what I talk about. Everyone who follows, reads or simply stops by this blog deserves good material. And secondly, I was busy with a lot of studying for college, since the second term of my Architecture studies is starting in a few days. I'm so excited!

Anyhow... I actually wanted to show you something very special and important for me. I've been waiting for this for a VERY long time, and I still cannot believe that my dream came true! What I'm talking about is my new Diana F+ lomo camera!

When I realized that the moment finally came when I could finally order it, my happiness had no end! It took me about one hour to decide which oneI should take, but in the end I chose to keep it simple and took the Black Jack one. And I couldn't love it more! 

I'm completely new when it comes to analog lomo photography, since I did it only with my SLR Canon camera, and to be honest, I feel like diving into the very deep and unknown waters, but I like it! There is A LOT to learn here, although I've hear and read about it a lot and it seems to be very easy, but anyway, you have to develop a certain feeling for it, like with anything that you do.

When it comes to the looks of this camera, I have to say I was VERY surprised when I held it in my hands for the first time. It is completely made out of plastic, except for the lens of course, and it's very light. Especially when you switch from a professional SLR camera, it will maybe give you a little trouble in the beginning to get used to the Diana. I always feel like I'm gonna lose it somewhere, since after a few moments I don't feel like holding anything. But for that, there is a wonderful plastic strap, so you don't drop it somewhere. :)

I've read a lot of critics where people were pretty negative and harsh about  this little sweetheart, and I couldn't relate to them at all. I simply fell in love with it at the first sight!

The picture below the accessories shows a very nice book full of example footages, tips and tricks + the guide and another prospect. Then that little black strap you see on the left are a bunch of colorful filters... Then you have an adaptor for various gadgets as, for example, a big flash. This little square frame is for choosing your picture size. You actually get two, but the other one was in the camera already when I was shooting these pictures.

I really cannot wait to begin to work with this camera. It's all so new for me, the mecahnism, the 120mm film, the developing... I truly feel like a little kid who just got a bag full of candy!

Does anyone of you have any experience when it comes to lomo cameras? I would really love to know what you guys think about it!

See you soon and good night!

Love, Aleksandra.

All sample photographs are courtesy of lomography.com