Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Queen Bee's Nursery

I've always had a fascination with bees.  As a little girl I used to make my dad explain pollination and bee hives and queen bees and worker bees to me over and over and over again.  I don't know why, but I just loved hearing about this other little insect world. 

As an adult I have a whole new appreciation for the beauty and symmetry of the honeycomb.  I find the simple, graphic and repeating pattern to be really beautiful and it got me thinking about a whole room designed for a lovely little lady - a queen bee if you will!  Her room would have a nice balance of natural colors and textures as well with a few regal hints of gold.  The lightest blue walls and touches of honey yellow would keep it as bright and cheerful as a spring day. 

Best of all, everything here can be purchased for just over $2,100 (including 5 yards of the curtain fabric). Now I don't pretend that you'll find that much in change hanging out in your couch cushions but I feel like that's pretty reasonable for such a pretty and ladylike room.  Swap out the crib for a bed and you've got a room that could easily take you past the baby years. 


1.  Gold Crown Ceiling Light from Shades of Light $249  // 2.  Bee Print from Etsy $16.41  // 3.   Victorian Bee Hive Print from Etsy $10.00  // 4.  French Ephemera Bee Honeycomb Print from Etsy $12.00  // 5.  Honeycomb Pink Wasabi fabric from Spoonflower $18/yard  // 6.  Honey Bee Modern Needlepoint DIY Kit from Etsy $44.00  // 7.  Petal Mirror from PBTeen $199  // 8.  Honeycomb Pendant Shade from Urban Outfitters $64  // 9.  White Jenny Lind style Crib from Giggle $210  // 10:  Cafer Light Cream Club Chair from Overstock $649  // 11.  Bee and Tea Alphabet Print from Etsy $25.00   // 12.  Gold Twig Accent Table from Kirklands  $49.99  // 13.  Shabby Chic Cedar Dresser from Etsy $225   // 14.  Bee Skep Baskets from Origin Crafts $42.90  // 15.  Honeycomb Trellis Rug from Overstock $244.99