Friday, February 17, 2012

What's Your Morning Routine?

The scrumptious bon appétit magazine started a fun new series where they ask people (and their staffers) to share their morning routines with, well us. No matter how healthy or unhealthy, delicious or not, they might be, they simply want to take a nosey peek into other people's life! Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? So as you probably figured, I’ve been glued to the column reading about all the mischef some do to their stomachs and at times getting really ashamed of myself when I see the pro surfer, Kelly Slater starting off his morning with a vegan smoothie while I’m already on my third cup of coffee and only had one boiled egg with a lousy toast.

Anyhow, you should totally check our their column, it’s a great morning read. But in the meantime,  let's get to know each other a bit more: Do tell, what morning routine do you have? What time do you get up? How do you feel about breakfast? Do you eat it daily and what? At home or in the office? Morning read? What do you drink in the morning? Do you have any morning rituals? xo

(Photos by Matt Duckor for bon appétit)