Friday, March 2, 2012

How To Blow Dry Bangs To Perfection

Fringe at times can be like a wild animal that doesn’t want to be tamed, don't you agree? Many girls tend to say that they've tried the look but sadly they lost the taming game. I think, I finally managed to master the trick and I was so thrilled when Kristen and Rubi posted this tutorial as that is exactly how I blow dry my bangs. I sent the link to my entire group of friends with a little note, "now you know - go for it". (Little tip: I use this hair serum that helps it too).

So, darlings here are the step-by-step instructions if you fancy giving it a go. It takes practice but when you get there you will be bang-licious for sure! Do you wear bangs? Have you before? Planning to? What are your tricks to bangs-perfection? xo

P.S: This cutie and her fringe!
P.P.S: Swoon...