Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Light and Airy Entryway

Hello Everyone!
We are finally nearing the very end of our home sprucing. As you may recall
about 5 weeks ago I made a very long list of things "to do" around here.
The only things left are the outdoor landscaping, waiting on the new furniture,
and the new hardwood flooring. At this point we may have changed our minds on
 installing hardwoods for a few reasons. The first being the expense has not kept up
with the housing market here, the hassle of tearing the rooms apart...again, and the
darker floors would not contrast with dark leather furnishings in the room. I know
I can add a light area rug but still I'm not quite sure. I'm thinking about it...Hmmm.
I'm tweaking a bit but for the most part everything is finished. Whew!
Join me for a tour of the newly painted entry. It's so different to us. We love it!
 After! The view as you enter. It's much lighter!
This cream paint is called Bone Folder by Martha Stewart. I used it in many rooms.
 The view from the family room.
 I bought a spring wreath at Kirklands. Spring is definitely in the air here.
 The view into the hallway and formal dining room. I'll share that room next.
The opposite direction from the formal dining room.
 Here is the same view "before" with a darker sage green paint.
Once again we liked it but after six years it was time to change things up. 
 The foyer is two stories high. Here you can see the light color well.
 Here is the same view with the old paint colors.
The deep red was very dark and it carried all the way up the stairs. 
Mr Chestnut is hanging out in his "old" room wondering where the new furniture is.
He does like his "new" room too. Look at his glowing eyes. My hubby took this with his phone. 
We are really getting tired of sitting on the floor to watch American Idol and rental movies.
Tomorrow the tv cabinet arrives and for the family room downstairs but no sofa yet.
Of course it's on backorder. I have no patience. I need to work on that.
I hope you are having lovely weather where you are as well.
Happy first day of spring!