Thursday, April 26, 2012

One sketch a day | Day 1

Hello! Ah, it's been such a busy week so far, and this day too, but I cannot complain. Except that I've been tortured by major headache for DAYS now, but it's easing slowly... Anyway, there are some news when it comes to my "art". Probably most of you have already heard of those little journals called "One sketch a day". The point is to draw a little drawings in it every single day for a whole year. This is how it looks like... Oh, and those lace decorations are not included, I've added them myself.

This is actually my second one. I've had one the last year, but I gave up two months earlier. But this time I hope I'll make it through completely. Oh, and I'll draw only with ballpen because pencils are too much of a mess for such things if you ask me. Anyway, here's the DAY 1:

And yes, I know, I've messed up the datum. It's supposed to say APRIL, not March. Sorry, my bad. Hope you like it anyway!

Happy Wednesday friend! 
 Love, Aleksandra.