Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring on Paper Letterpressed Wedding Invitations

When it comes to design, before I loved pillows and paint I loved paper and printing in all forms - but especially letterpress.  I was doing a little spring cleaning around my office yesterday when I came across a whole basket full of samples of wedding invitations I designed a few years ago.  

With Spring in full force, pulling out this invitation set brought a smile to my face. This particular design was created for a May wedding in Rhode Island at the Bay Voyage Inn.  Rather than focus on the seaside location and go with an obvious nautical/sea shells motif, I suggested we play up the Inn's beautiful gardens where the ceremony would be taking place. 

The design really came together when the bride choose to use parrot tulips and the color orange. 

The result was a beautiful but whimsical invitation.  How could you get this in the mail and not be excited about a spring wedding?



I think this precious little bee is my favorite part of the whole design!



Thanks for indulging me on this little walk down memory lane.  I can't bring myself to throw these samples out (even though they're taking up a whole corner of my office!)  but photographing them for the blog at least immortalizes them a bit more in case I do have to get rid of them.  

What do you think?   I have 3 or 4 more sets sitting around if you want to see more.