Thursday, May 3, 2012

Home Inspiration: Cookbook Shelves

I read cookbooks like others read novels! Our friends and family knows pretty well by now that if they want to get me something I'd love - it's always a cookbook or food related type of book (like this one). Sadly they are stuck on a shelf (with sticky patches) all squeezed between a honey bowl, coffee cups and a flour jar. I've been thinking about displaying them in a cool way for a while, but time wasn’t on my side so far. Nevertheless, here are a few of my inspirations for a beautiful cookbook shelf.

Loves, do you use cookbooks? Where do you store them? Do you have a cookbook shelf in your kitchen? Would you like to have one? xo

P.S: I also love open kitchen shelves and food walls:)
P.P.S: Stay tuned for 10 cookbooks that rock my world right now! And check out Nigella's home library below - swoon-worthy, isn't it?
(Photos via Bliss, Helena, Noosh Loves, Heather Bullard, Houzz, Lolitas & Tiny white Daisies)