Monday, August 29, 2011

I love NY (and Nate too)

The highlight of last week was certainly my whirlwind adventure in NYC to tape my segment for The Nate Show.

The whole thing was totally surreal and exciting at the same time.  Nate is of course, a complete doll, gracious and welcoming.  I kept waiting to feel nervous leading up to the taping but it never came.  I think that I watch his show so much that I somehow deluded myself into believing that I was just going to chat with my buddy Nate

I didn't need to be at the studio for The Nate Show taping until the afternoon so I took advantage of my free morning and headed down to the flower district.  I love this part of the city and being there on a summer morning is the absolute best.  The energy and bustle of the city against the backdrop of beautiful flowers.  What could be better? 

I couldn't help but think just how far these magnolias were from home, sitting here on the street in Manhattan.

After that I walked down Broadway to bask in the beauty at ABC Carpet & Home

Wall o'cowhides in every color you can imagine.

A patchwork cowhide wall treatment!

They had these interesting patchwork, dyed cowhide rugs.  Never seen anything quite like this before.

They also have a completely insane wood floor gallery.

The passage to dhurrie heaven.

Just stacks and stacks...everywhere you turned.


 I've been told this is where the really good deals are so I had to check it out for myself!

Messy and jam packed, just like I like my bargain basements!  Looks promising...

Definitely some good bargains but still too rich for my blood unfortunately :(

Back upstairs, I checked out some of their new arrivals.  Look familiar?  Crate & Barrel is carrying the same rug, the Brody, new this fall.

So fun!  Made up of thousands of little felt balls.

Maybe I should have kept all those old stonewashed jeans?

Of course you know no trip to ABC is complete without taking a look at the Weinrib section!

Such phenomenal colors and bold, graphic patterns.  I loved them all.

Then I headed across the street to their housewares store.  SOOOO much amazing lighting.

Remember the boat chandelier from this post?

Love these colorful pendants from Kartell.  They were about $263 a piece.  

You might remember seeing a cluster of them on this recent Design by Novogratz episode?

These brassy colored pendants were huge and total stunners.  

I think the Bob & Courtney must shop at ABC pretty often because here are the same pendants in another makeover from this seasons Home by Novogratz.

If brass isn't your think they are equally gorgeous in silver.

Downstairs at the Conran Shop, things got decidedly more modern. 

I tried my best not to walk around with my jaw on the floor was hard.

I can't even take how great this table is.  All glass, even those legs!

Back upstairs for some mid-century love.

And then just some other general awesomeness.

Then it was back to the hotel to get ready to head to the studio!!!  Look what was there to greet me!?  MY DRESSING ROOM!  So crazy but so fun!

I recognized the settee as one of the pieces from Nate's line for HSN.  It was really nice quality and very comfy.

Here it was in another dressing room in a different pattern.

They are taping 2 shows a day in preparation for the new season (starting Sept. 12th).  When I got there, they were still taping the morning show which I got a sneak peak of.

Headed down to hair & makeup!

Then waited, waited, waited!  My segment was the last one they were taping for the second show.  I snapped one last picture as I was waiting backstage, seconds before heading out!


They were running a bit long with the taping so my time on stage with Nate was definitely fast & furious but what a thrill!  The lights, the studio audience, not to mention standing there with Nate himself!!  They played my house proud video and then we did a super quick segment on some of my favorite items used in my pantry.  It was over in a flash and before I knew it, I was back in my car headed to the airport feeling like the whole thing was just some lovely dream!  I can't wait to see it air (tentatively slated for Sept. 15th but I'll keep you posted of course).  
A huge THANK YOU to his incredible staff.  They work so hard to bring the show together and I loved meeting each and every one of them.  I hope I get to see you all again soon!