Monday, August 29, 2011

It Could Be Worse

Hello Everyone!
We had an unwelcome visitor this weekend and her name was Irene.
We had 24 solid hours of rain and wind that shook our floors. That was a 
 strange feeling. We had debris blown in the yard and some trees that almost
fell. A roof leak in our master bathroom will require some attention. Other than
that we did well. The power was out for about about 12 hours but we consider that
lucky considering millions are without power right now. If she blew your way I hope
you are doing well. Stay safe. How did you weather the storm? Share with us.
 How did I not lose this flag? I forgot to bring it in.
A path of leaves and debris. The leaves were stuck to all of the windows too.
We came very close to losing this cypess tree.
 The gutters are filled with leaves. The city will clean it soon.
My husband is trying to fix the tree. He may need to restake it.
We are thankful the roof held up well. Some of our neighbors lost parts of theirs.
Cool weather cannot get here quick enough. Go away hurricanes.
How did we not notice the missing shutter on our garage?
Our neighbor gave it back to us.
Have a wonderful week!