Thursday, September 29, 2011

Always with me.

I have been looking for a good camera bag since I seriously started to think about making some "serious" work when it comes to photography. No matter if it's analog, digital or polaroid. And I've been looking, and looking, and looking, and I barely had any success. I wanted something with a very good quality, looking vintage and if possible it should be some leather. And now, what a surprise, I finally found it! It's little compact camera bag made out of hard leather, and I really have fallen in love with it since I saw it. I think the company's name is HIMORI, I tried to google it, but some other stuff came out, but I'll inform you on that when it arrives. So here it is how it looks like, oh, and remember, mine is the dark brown. Hope you like it!




I have to say, I'm really really excited for this to arrive, because I can't wait to have it finally! :) I also forgot to mention that it's an korean company, for you to know if you're badly interested in buying it too. Oh, I just also need to say that I bought it over ebay! :)

There are also two more things I got myself for traveling - passport holders

The first one is very simple and light, and I think I will use it for my short journeys to Serbia or Budapest because I don't have so much important stuff to drag around me then. It comes in two colors, soft pink and brown. Of course I chose the pink one. :)

And I also chose a bigger one, in case of traveling to some more far away places, and with longer staying period, so that everything can stay protected (passport, tickets, money, cards, etc). So I found this one very suitable:

You can find all this stuff on ebay... I am actually pretty worried that I discovered the advantages of the site, because how it looks like, my bank account is gonna suffer a little now. :P Well, I need all this stuff. :)

Have a nice Thursday everyone!