Monday, September 12, 2011

Design Trick: Mirrors over Nightstands

My favorite layout for a bedroom is one where the bed is nestled between 2 windows.  I love the instant presence it gives the bed and the soft background light you get to wake up to.  Our bedroom makes use of that layout but since it is SOOOO not camera ready, I'll use Kate's lovely bedroom to demonstrate what I mean. 

But sometimes the optimal bed placement in a room doesn't play nicely with window placement.  In that situation, I love the design trick of putting the bed on a solid wall and "faking" windows by positioning a mirror over each nightstand.  This works especially well if the windows in the room are opposite the bed.  The mirrors reflect the light and magically bring sparkle and lightness to the bed wall.  Placing lamps on the nightstand in front of the mirrors will also do the trick.  Plus I love the layered look this creates. 



What do you think of this look?  Is this something you would try?  Or are you doing it, you fashionable, smart people you!