Monday, September 26, 2011

Gay parade, Belgrade.

I really need to say something about that hysterical reaction by some people in Serbia due to the upcoming gay parade in Belgrade. Like, I really do understand that there are different views and opinions about this issue, and especially because of religious beliefs, and sexual orientation - but I really cannot see a valuable reason WHY it HAS to be this way. I'm trying to keep up quietly with all the debates and discussions which are running all over the internet, and in my homecountry, and I can freely say now that I've seen more than enough to stay silent. I have really tried not to give a public opinion on this, but I think since now all boundaries have been crossed, I have to say one or two words.

Maybe some of you who live outside of Serbia, and have nothing to do with it, have heard or at least noticed from the world wide news that a few last parades in Belgrade have ended in a disaster and tragedy, since a lot of people have been hurt and injured very badly, some of them even the members of police.

And now, another parade is standing in front of us, and I am really afraid what may happen. I mean, what is so wrong about having a parade? Homosexuality is not an illness, it's sexual orientation, and everyone has the right on it. Parades are held all over the world, and almost every one goes by without an incident, people have some good time, and fell good an accepted in this sickly profound society. Even people who are not gay go there just to meet new, funny people and enjoy themselves! Urgh!

Short - what I want to say is that I don't understand why there has to be so much controversy about a simple parade. Are they afraid of something? Why can't we just let gays live in peace? It drives me really mad. =.= I really hope that one day, liberty of sexual choice and orientation, can beat the narrowness of some people. I really do.

Love, Aleksandra.

Image credits: ~Hazel-Almonds and ~Raven-LaLupa