Monday, September 26, 2011

Guest Post: Ashley from Meet Me in Philadelphia

Leading off this week of guest posts is one of my favorite blogging buddies - Ashley from Meet Me in Philadelphia.  Ashley is a newlywed (yay Ashley!) with a terrific sense of style.  She is truly living my "Love where you live" mantraI only wish I'd been half as design focused as she is when I first got married.   Take it away Ashley!

Hi, everyone! I'm so pleased to be here today at Honey + Fitz while Dina enjoys some quality time with her family. Dina is one of my go-to sources of inspiration, and I hope I can make her let's dive right in, shall we?

After having spent nearly two solid years decorating my current apartment, gathering furniture for rooms that once were bare, upholstering thrifty finds, and searching for the perfect artwork to adore the walls, I am happy in the "foundation" layer I have with these larger elements. Perhaps you can relate! So, what's next for this place?

Well, that's easy: the next step involves taking a closer look at all of the little details that add visual interest to  each room. Here are just a few tips for enhancing the "details" in nearly every corner of your home.

1) Contrasting piping on upholstered furniture
I ADORE the bold effect contrasting piping can have on a piece of furniture. A thin line of color acts like an exclamation point to a beautiful upholstery job, am I right?

(via Houzz)

2) Unconventional colored matting for framed artwork

Many of us have gallery walls in our home, so try jazzing up a few of your favorite framed photos with colored mats. Mats in a variety of colors can be ordered for reasonable prices through Dick Blick.
(via Martha Stewart)

(via Lonny)

3) Unique lampshades that enhance a beautiful lamp

Forgo the off-the-rack, standard white lampshade; instead, why not try a complementary ikat shade for your chinoiserie lamp? How about adding a dazzling lining to your drum shade? Or why not add some decorative trim to keep your shade from veering into the world of the ho-hum?

(via Pinterest)

(via Little Green Notebook)

(via Martha Stewart)

4) The addition of trim to plain curtains for a custom accent

Even the simplest cotton drape is elevated when paired with some smartly-placed decorative trim. The greater the contrast, the better. Don't limit yourself to a simple straight stitch, either; consider classically-chic patterns such as a greek key.

(via Haute Indoor Couture)

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

I recently tackled trimming out my standard Pottery Barn curtains and love the totally custom look I achieved:

(via Meet Me in Philadelphia)

What do you think of these "extra" details?

How have you paid attention to detail in your home?


Thank you again, Dina, for inviting me over today!