Thursday, September 22, 2011

On relationships

My sweets, I LOVE doing Motherhood Mondays and talking openly about all things parenthood. Thank you so much for the fascinating discussions and eye-opening comments.

So, I had an idea! I'd like to start a new series: Relationship Thursdays. (Is there a catchier name?:) I keep thinking of relationship-y things that I'd love to discuss, but so far, there hasn't really been a place on the blog for that. So, now, we can talk in honest and fun ways about everything from first dates and break-ups to weddings and spouses, as well as other relationships, like those with friends, parents and siblings.

What do you think? I'm excited. Let me know if you have anything in particular that you'd want to talk about! xoxoxo
(Top photo by Corey Arnold; bottom photo of the sweet Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward)