Thursday, September 8, 2011

Urban Outfitters gets me every time

Urban Outfitters is one of those places I don't immediately think to turn to for home items.  Quite frankly, in recent years I've come to associate the brand more with 80s inspired hipster gear than anything else.  But every time I take a peak at their offerings, I always find myself pleasantly surprised.

Case in point - the latest Fall catalog.  Are you loving that large scale peony wallpaper?  It's very Anthro-esque I feel but only $79 a roll!!  It also comes in black & white if the coral is just too much for you.  Who even knew they were carrying wallpaper?  Not me!

2.  Fancy Chalkboard Frame Decal
3.  Vintage Floor Lamp
4.  Flame Stitch Duvet Cover
5.  Ziggy Chair
6.  African Suns Printed Rug