Thursday, September 15, 2011

What makes a happy marriage?

The other day I read a very interesting article written by Tim. His daughter recently got married and like most fathers, he wanted to ensure that the newlyweds know what they sign up for, so he made a list of 45 steps to a happy marriage. I thought I would share a few totally hilarious but equally true points that made me laugh out loud and melted my heart at the same time. Remember this is from a man's perspective:

- Write this into your wedding vows: "I promise to faithfully replace the toilet paper whenever I use the last of it."

- Want to get lucky tonight? Do a load of laundry, start to finish.

- Argue naked. It's guaranteed to keep a minor disagreement from turning into a big fight.

- To keep your marriage brimming / with love in the wedding cup / whenever you're wrong, admit it / whenever you're right, shut up!

My Lovelies, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? What makes a well-balanced relationship/marriage in your opinion? xo

P.S: I’m planning to embrace this one more from now on: Make dinner together. Eat dinner together. Go to bed together.”
P.P.S: Here is the rest of them.

(via Checks and Spots, top photo unknown, bottom by Elisa Mendes)