Sunday, October 16, 2011

Anna und Ludo.

Hellou everyone! I actually have no idea how to begin with this description, but I'll just write as I think. Lol ^^

I started to draw this about two months ago. It all began casually, I didn't intend to make a "real" drawing out of it at all, but in the end, I got one. I also have to add that it turned out very messy (you can see it very clearly if you tilt your screen up xD), because I dragged it everywhere with me, beginning with university, and to my little journeys to Budapest, in the tram, and while sitting at my desk and making phone calls. There's a whole bunch of stories involved in this drawing, and I really get reminded of every single one of them when I look at it. It's so amazing. And because of that, I hope you will be able to forgive me this messiness. ^^

For all non-speaking german people out there, this drawing represents Anna Gotzlowski and Ludo Decker, the two main characters of the german movies "Zweiohrk├╝ken" and "Keinohrhasen". It's a love comedy, and I am so in love with those movies! They are so so amazing, and I HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE! I really loved the chemistry between those two characters, although they are so different in almost every possible sight, and I truly think Til Schweiger has done some amazing job making this movie. Love it.

I was also having some troubles with the title, since I didn't know if I should use "and" or "und". Then I thought it would be better to keep it in German, it just has that flaaiiiir.

Hope you like it!!

Done on A4 copy paper with some red color pencil from Farber Castel.

PS: I copied this text from the DA drawing description, because I just think it says it all perfectly. 

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