Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dîner en Blanc Parisian Style

Just a few weeks ago, on one of those hot summer nights, thousands of Parisians gathered to enjoy this annual fancy dinner party. The guests, all dressed in white, dined under the stars on this appropriately named event: Dîner en Blanc, which is held at two of the city’s most desirable locations: the plaza at the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the courtyard of the Louvre.

It all started in 1988 when François Pasquier, after his time abroad, held an outdoor dinner party to reconnect with friends. So many of them wanted to join in that he asked them to wear white, so they could all find each other and meet up at the Bois de Boulogne.

The fascinating thing is that the whole planning and preparation is very mysterious and the guests are invited strictly by social networks and through friends. There are very strick rules that every group must follow. First of all, the guests bring their own tables, table settings and food. Plus, everything must be white: the tables, the napkins, the candles...and of course the dress.

At 9 pm everybody gathers on the secret locations and that's when the fun begins: an incredible experience filled with breathtaking views, live jazz music, chatter and delicious food. In true Cinderella fashion, the party ends at midnight sharp, and all of a sudden everyone packs up and heads home. The swarm of guests disappear into the streets of Paris, just to reappear a year later.

My darlings, wouldn’t you love to be part of something that magical? Sign me up for next year:) xo

P.S: The Dîner en Blanc now has its international following: in August, it took place in New York City on the Plaza of the World Financial Center and on October 14th it will be held in San Francisco.

Wonder where will they pop up next?

(via Simply Stated. Photos via Flleurishing, Carams, The New York Times and Quinn Palmer)