Saturday, October 8, 2011

Have a relaxing long weekend.

My lovelies, what are you doing this weekend? We're heading to Charlottesville, Virginia, for my aunt's sixtieth birthday. They have a big old house with a yard, swing set and golden retriever, so I'm excited to just hang. (Also, the movie 50-50 is out now, and it looks great.) Hope you have some cozy plans, and here are a few fun links from around the web...

I was thrilled to do a little interview for Martha Stewart.

Photos taken at exactly the right time.

Dog wallpaper.

Oh no! Poor bride!

Just got these moccasins for fall and am excited to pad around in them.

Grilled cheese slideshow.

Whoa, is this bike for real?

A moving essay about infertility, from a husband's point of view.

An adorable coat.

Nutty slideshow of Amy Poehler's makeup tests.

A sweet way to take a photo.

Attachable elbow patches!

The publication 3191 Miles Apart is all about simple pleasures.

Jimmy Fallon impersonating Neil Young singing Will Smith. Genius.

(Photo credit unknown)