Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sponsored Post: Sell Simply

My darlings, today I'd love to highlight one of the wonderful sponsors that keep Cup of Jo running. Founded by a husband-and-wife team, Sell Simply is an incredible new business that lets you buy and sell anything with a single tweet.

For People and Small Businesses:
Sell Simply transforms Twitter into a marketplace. It enables you to buy something over Twitter just by replying "buy" to any listing tweet. As a seller, when you list an item on Sell Simply (or import one from Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, Art Fire or Bonanza), it's automatically tweeted for sale. When someone responds to that tweet with the word "buy," Sell Simply makes a PayPal transaction happen. (When you sign up for Sell Simply, you connect your PayPal account; you only need to do this once.) Boom, you just bought or sold something with one tweet. More here...

For Big Brands:
Sell Simply lets businesses sell and transact with one Tweet. Traditionally, brands have used Twitter as a broadcast platform, trying to lure customers away to their storefront to purchase. Sell Simply enables them to push commerce into the Twitter stream, allowing any person to purchase right from a brand's tweet simply by replying with the word "buy." More here...

For Donations:
Sell Simply transforms Twitter into a donations payments system, where organizations can accept donations with one Tweet. Sell Simply enables you to push a request for a donation into the Twitter stream, allowing people to donate simply by replying with the word "donate." More here...
Isn't that amazing, fast and convenient? So great for Etsy sellers--and anyone who loves shopping online. Thank you, Sell Simply!

* Post sponsored by the wonderful Sell Simply. I *very* rarely do sponsored posts, but I love this concept. Pitcher from solticehome, soap from Elysian Organics, dress from Dear Golden.