Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beekeeping Parisian Style

This older gentelman became one of the world's most famous beekeepers and it all happened by a chance. Jean Paucton who is a former prop assistant for the l'Opéra National de Paris had a hobby of beekeeping. He even took a class on the subject to perfect the craft. He started small on his Parisian balcony but after countless complaints from the neighbours he decided to move his hives somewhere else. Luckily, his former employer, the Palais Garnier allowed Jean to use their roof as his honey-making space. The rest is history. After many Parisian newspaper features he went global and now you can buy a jar of Parisian made honey for a small fortune. Isn't that a sweet story? xo

P:S: The New York Times wrote a great article about Jean back in the day.
P.P.S: Also, chilling Parisian style:)

(via A Lovely Being)