Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Guide Part #7: Your Handsome Husband Who Looks Dashing in a Beard and Suit and Puts His Hand on the Small of Your Back at Parties.

A photographic print of one of his icons. $75 to $259.
Back-to-the-Future trilogy, since he's never seen it and it's awesome, $33.99...
...and a vest inspired by Marty McFly, here for $70; here for $175.
Monster socks, because he can't keep wearing those white ones with holes. $12 for three.
Tabletop foosball table, for rip-roaring games every night before dinner. $79.
Guts and Glory photography book, a slam-dunk gift for football lovers. $25.
Chambray tie, made in Brooklyn, $83.
Round ice-ball maker for impressive cocktails, $9.99.
SPF face cream that will make him "smell like a man." Kind of random, but AMAZINGLY sexy. Alex wears it everyday, and I l-o-v-e it. $7.19.
Sharon Montrose's fantastic new animal photography book for your coffee table, $16.99.
Copenhagen bell. A little piece of modern art for your bike (that rings beautifully). $65.
Twelve-hour hand warmer, $13, to keep his hands warm on long winter bike rides, ice-skating and romantic walks around the neighborhood.
Illuminated dog leash, $25. (Plus a dog.)
A book you know he'd find fascinating. $18.
A bright shiny Corvette rental car for a day (plus rental insurance).
A kiss and a promise to love him forever, since that's all he really wants anyway.

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(Zippo photo from Cool Material. Orange vest via GQ)