Friday, December 23, 2011

Darlings, Jolly Good Christmas To You!

Merry Christmas, my Lovelies! Hope the Holidays will bring you tons of smooches under the mistletoe, full bellies, endless giggles and cozy moments next to a fireplace. Remember to slow down and take a few mental pictures. (I’m surely planning to do so). Thank you for being so awesome and making each day so incredibly fun, heartwarming and inspiring with your comments. They all mean the world to me!

Balazs and I are cooking up a storm today as we are hosting tomorrow and on Sunday we are driving up to the mountains to visit Balazs' dad. Next week I have some amazing ladies guest posting for me. They will be talking about their Christmas Life, their traditions and the things that make the Holidays special for them (and I might pop in to share my story as well). But in the meantime here are a few great Christmas-y posts for you to check out if you fancy a little break from all the festivities.

Oh boy, a scary Santa.

French toast for Christmas morning.

Snowiest cities!

Or if you're not into French toast, how about French omelet?

Jamie's Christmas turkey.

Mason jar all festive.

Psst, Santa? I would like one of those under the Christmas tree!

Jolly goodness.

She really wants that tree - giggle.

Holiday nails!

Cocktail time.


This would make a beautiful Christmas engagement ring, wouldn't it?

Tiny wreath holiday cards.

Fairy lights.

Eight signs he wants to spend Christmas together:)

Caramel and whisky sauce - yum!

P.S: If you fancy a bit of chit-chat over the Holidays, you can always catch me on Twitter and exPress-o group on FB. (I'm also on Pinterest).

(Photo of the beautiful Bern during winter via Lisa)