Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Glittered Winter Wonderland Ornaments

Continuing on in my quest to create some low-cost DIY ornaments for our tree this year!  Check out the super easy glitter dot garland I shared here.

Today I'm sharing some glittered wintery animals I created using super cheap ($0.29 a piece!) wooded cutouts.  You can find a huge assortment of these at any craft store.  I got mine at Michaels


Before you get started glittering, you'll want to pierce your cutout so you have a spot to thread a hook or ribbon through for hanging your finished ornament.  These wooden cutouts are super soft so even a push pin will pierce them.


Once you've got a hole, push a toothpick through.  This will serve as handle for you as your work and will also give you something to lean the ornament for drying.


Spread a generous layer of glue all over (I used good old Elmer's).


Then sprinkle your glitter.  I used Martha Stewart's tinsel glitter.  I like that it's coarser than normal glitter and it adds more dimension to the animal...sort of like sparkly fur :)

You could definitely stop there but I went one step further and glittered the outline of the animal in a contrasting color.  Let the main body dry, then dip a toothpick in some glue and apply it all around the edge.


Sprinkle your contrasting color glitter all around. Tap off any excess that falls on the main body of the ornament. 


See, it adds just a little something extra!  I love it.
After drying, I threaded some baker's twine on him and gave him a little home on our tree near my glitter garland.  

But let's face it, a few glittery polar bears does not a winter wonderland of a tree make.  So I made him some friends.

Some emperor penguins are in the works.

As are some extra large polar bears.  

I'll post pictures of all the finished creatures later in the week.  In the meantime, I've got a few other ornaments to work on to accompany these guys.

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