Monday, December 19, 2011

Dream car.

Is anyone of you into cars? There are some people who use them only because it belongs to our daily necessities, and some even avoid them, but I would really love to know who of you ADORES them! Like I do!

I really love cars. It wasn't always like this, because there were also times when I didn't notice them at all, and haven't thought about them more deeply. But as years passed, I started to get more interested in them. Well, the thing is, I really love elegant cars, which means I am not such a fan of beasty sport ones. Nice, elegant, long limousine cars are something for me.

On the other hand, I've been always a big admirer of classics like the Beetle or Mini. And since those two would suit me more right now than a long dark green Jaguar, I thought I could look for something like that. Well, it's not that I can afford a Jaguar right now, and will not in the any near future. :)

Firstly, I was thinking of something like Nissan Micra or Peugeot 206, but then..! Oh dear, as I visited the VW web page, I saw that NEW Beetle 2012 has been released! Well, it's since October, but I'm always way too late at catching up with all the news. 

And now... I'm officialy in love. Love, love, looove! Here is my future car. FOR SURE!

It's the Beetle 2012! I think I'll take it in red. Or chocolate brown. No, definitely red. 
What do you think? What is your favorite car brand?

Have a nice Monday!

Love, Aleksandra.

Images are courtesy of VW.