Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Earmuffs: Thumbs up or down?

The other week when I posted about cozy winter hats a few of you emailed me asking if I could suggest a snazzy alternative to the classic hat. Something that keeps ears toasty, without getting "hat hair". So, I thought of cozy earmuffs! The trend seems to be back this winter and I even sent this furry pair as a Christmas gift to my best friend. The cool part about them is that they come in a few sizes so you can choose how visible you want them to be. Also, they don't mess up your hair like the regular hats and can look very stylish if you choose the right fit for yourself. (I'm thinking about getting those).

So, sweets, what do you think? Would you wear earmuffs? Or do you already have them? xo

P.S: If you fancy getting a pair, here is a selection of 30 awesome earmuffs for winter!
P.P.S: Also, Princess Leia earmuffs worn by Emma Stone and  here is a cool earmuffs DIY project.

(Photos via The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman and Pinterest)